Why Passive House?… Comfort  – Comfort – Comfort

Simply put: a Passive House will be the most comfortable home you will EVER live in.

Passive houses are draft free, have warm even surface temperatures ensuring it is mould free, and the windows and construction make it free from outside noise. It’s your sanctuary.

By combining high levels of insulation with triple glazed windows along with Mechanical Ventilation with heat recovery you can achieve comfort levels not normally associated with New Zealand houses. This is done by making the building airtight and thermal bridge free.

This requires quality craftmanship and Passive House design/construction experience. Having a team that can get things right from the beginning (design phase), the middle (the build phase) and the end (commissioning and certification) will ensure your house is like it should be.

New Zealand now has its own Passive House Certifier which enables the speedy processing of projects. With local knowledge of construction systems and methodology the growth of Passive House in New Zealand assured.