Energy efficient homes by Harley Passive House

Harley Passive House are the experts in energy efficient homes in Christchurch and Canterbury. The first builder to complete a certified passive house in Canterbury and we have extensive knowledge and experience on building straw bale homes.

With the experience that Harley Passive House has with building energy efficient homes we now have a proven network of suppliers and contractors to provide the most energy efficient home. Some facts about some of the Certified Passive Houses Harley Builders have built in Christchurch & Canterbury.

The average house has a air leakage of 6 – 10 air changes an hour. We have achieved up to 0.35 air changes per hour.

With a low air change level Passive houses are able to maintain a temperature of 20 – 25 degrees Celsius.

Low utility bills – due to low levels of power used throughout the passive homes and the combination of solar panels and an inverter. Some have also been able to sell power back to the grid.

Robust and vigorous testing – for a house to become a certified Passive House the building must pass Passive house testing. (e.g. Blower door test).

Sealed triple glazed windows and doors – Stop air leaks, highly insulated and noise proof.

Energy Efficient and Passive Houses are much more technical than a standard New Zealand home built to code and require quality specialty products to achieve the desirer outcome.

Blown in Insulation, Wider walls, Vapor check products, Taped air tight barrier, Mechanical ventilation systems, Energy efficient doors and windows

Do you have a loved family home with charter that you would like to keep but want a energy efficient home? Harley Builders can help, it is possible to retrofit your old home to the standards of a energy efficient passive house by the means of EnerPhit.

Interested in creating a home that is energy efficient and healthy to live in? Contact Harley Passive House today!